What we stand for

We believe a lifestyle in balance with our planet is possible.

We design and create in a different way, the Arapaha way. We combine science with aesthetics and make all our design choices to have a minimum footprint. All our products are fossil free. And we design to maximize the reuse of materials.

Enjoy, repair, re-sell, give away or return your Arapaha products. We turn them into new products. Over and over again. This is how we are fundamentally changing how the things you love in and around your house are made and remade.

Fossil free. Climate friendly. Closed Loop.


The word Arapaha means in Guaraní, an indigenous South American language, “where the world we can see ends”. Or in other words “the horizon”.

Arapaha stands for the beauty of what lies beyond the horizon, the world we are longing for where we live in balance with what our planet can provide. With our new way of creating products, we offer the world a new horizon, making real what we can now only imagine.

The Team


Hi, I’m Josse Kunst. I love understanding materials and making beautiful products out of them, and I love discovering our planet Earth. Born and raised in The Netherlands, I have lived and worked in China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. After 25 years of working for large companies I have spread my wings and have become a circular economy entrepreneur. I focus on using technology and international business collaborations to get a breakthrough for the complex systemic change we need to become truly circular. Trying to pass on this place we call home as good as we can to the next generation.


I’m Jörn Behage, an industrial designer with a strong vision on sustainable product design. “There are professions that are more harmful to the planet than a designer, but they are few.” This statement touched me in the 1980s and that was the starting point for me to reconsider the use of materials and product design. Growing up in Paraguay, I developed as a child a great affinity and insight into nature. The lessons I learned then are still a source of inspiration for my current work and view of the emerging circular economy. My international work has also allowed me to live and work in different cultures, developing a broad understanding of our current and future challenges. With Arapaha I want to express these insights and knowledge in a desirable lifestyle respecting the limits of our planet.


Hey, my name is Tina! I am a German textiles and innovation expert with sustainability close to my heart. I am passionate about technology and design, challenging the status quo and driving circularity and sustainable solutions through innovation.
At Arapaha I am responsible for the development and coordination of our technical and business activities managing our product portfolio from idea to launch. Bringing together fundamental research, new technologies and sustainable materials. With our design philosophy I ensure our products offer a lifestyle in balance with our planet: beautifully made – yet functional, using materials and technologies with the lowest possible carbon footprint, designed for an endless loop.

After years in large companies, where “changing the way we do things” was always a huge challenge it is very exciting being a part of Arapaha developing our business activities in a dynamic start-up environment towards a truly circular economy.


Hi, I am Jac. I am Dutch and grew up in the beautiful South of Limburg. I am an analytical chemist by education with a strong passion for the environment. For part of my professional career, I have worked as a technical advisor supporting the processing of high-performance plastics and fibers into various industrial products. These fossil-based plastics take a heavy toll on our natural resources. Luckily, in this day and age, there is a growing awareness of being smart about our environment and using alternatives wherever possible, which is exactly what excites me.

During my international travels, I have seen the impact industrialization and a growing population have on the environment. At Arapaha, we believe that we can do this differently. It makes me proud to be part of that journey. As a Circular Product Manager at Arapaha, I am responsible for coordinating the technical activities to develop products from idea to launch. My focus will be predominantly on composite, injection molding and hot melt initiatives.

The Advisory Board


My name is Huub Steegmans and I’m an advisor to Arapaha. My expertise is in the legal field gained during the past 30 years as an attorney but mainly as a business lawyer in an international environment. I love to support entrepreneurial business opportunities, especially when they have a focus on sustainability. Creating solutions that lead to less impact on our natural resources and make our world a better place. Arapaha is such a company and it is great to be part of its sustainability journey.


My name is Harm van der Werff and I am advisor to Arapaha as a Principal Scientist. I am educated as Physical Chemist, because I wanted to understand the relation between our real world and the atomic basis of it. My passion is about understanding materials on molecular scale in order to improve their use and relevance in our real world. As the world is now, circularity and sustainability of polymeric materials is of crucial importance, and I like therefore very much to contribute to Arapaha.