Our stance on certification

We believe in making science-based decisions, being radically transparent and sharing our knowledge to create positive impact. Consumers seek confidence in products through labels and certificates that are shown on the products.

Marketeers around the world have jumped on this by creating a never-ending stream of logos and certificates. This confuses you and me, costs start-ups a fortune to certify their products and quickly erodes the value of actual certification. As a recent example one of the more frequently used certificates, the Higg Index, has even become forbidden in Norway, as it apparently favors fossil-based materials over renewable resources.

Amidst all these dynamics we are very careful to select certification for our Arapaha products. We will comply obviously with legal requirements as a bare minimum, and we will review carefully for each product category what certificates are credible. And only then will we decide if we want to associate ourselves with these third-party certificates.

In the meantime, we will be radically transparent about what’s in our products and who helps us to manufacture them, so that you can decide for yourself!

More information on the downside of certification can be found in the whitepaper from Changing Markets linked below.

License to Greenwash