Midori Eeg-Henriksen works at Empower. Empower, based in Oslo (Norway), is a Tracking SaaS technology company that builds digital infrastructures to enable circular value chains around the world. By seamlessly connecting all the stakeholders in the value chain, Empower enables Arapaha to create Product Passports that show the origin as well as the journey of materials used. The verified data is stored with blockchain technology which acts as proof of transactions made. To collaboratively work on innovation of such technologies propels the transition to a circular economy and enable collectors, recyclers and brands to keep the materials in the loop.


Midori is a product manager at Empower. As a product manager, she creates and shapes product roadmaps, structures product development processes, and has leadership over the product team. Empower’s role is to facilitate the process from a linear to a circular economy. Together we work on digital product passports for our products.


Midori’s goal is to integrate sustainability and circularity into daily life. To make it easy and accessible to everyone. She believes that efficient and well-thought-out system change and infrastructure can help spur the circular economy.


At Empower they provide solutions to the entire plastic value chain to empower all stakeholders to work towards the mutual goal of a sustainable and circular economy. Blockchain allows for immutable and seamless tracking and monetization of plastic. By tracking every aspect of the plastic’s journey, from on-the-ground plastic pickup operations to eventual reuse in other products. A level of transparency is reached that’s attractive to plastic processors and consumers. This increases the value of waste plastic and makes it more accessible and easier to become circular.


Midori hopes for an environment where transparency and collaboration are standard values. She hopes that through being open and honest about what you can and cannot do, you can make smart connections with partners. By having a mutual goal, that of circularity, real change is possible, if we do it together!

At Empower

You can connect with Midori here, and you can find out more about Empower here.