We'll meet again

We hope you enjoyed using your Arapaha product. If you decide to return your product once it’s no longer useable, no stress, we’ll take care of it. First, we check if we can reuse or refurbish the product. If that is no longer possible, we will carefully dismantle it and reuse the materials. Now we can start the production of new products all over again. And again. And again.

The reason we take care of this closed loop is because we want to do whatever we can to realize the low carbon footprint that is the core promise behind an Arapaha product. Already in their first lifecycle an Arapaha product is made with low carbon footprint materials and processing steps, but the real impact is materialized if the products are returned and recycled back into materials, again and again. Our LCA calculations show that the carbon footprint in the scenario of no collection is 56% higher compared to if we manage to have an 80% collection rate. We can only achieve that if you return your Arapaha products to us when you are done using them. Your effort really matters!

We try to make it is simple as possible. Every Arapaha product carries a QR-code that is physically connected to the product. So, whatever happens to the product, and whomever owns or uses it, you should be able to find all information you need to return the product to us by simply pointing your phone’s camera to the QR code. Within the Netherlands we make use of a free of charge return address and for international customers we will coordinate with your what the best logistical route is to return the product to us.

Taking responsibility can be simple and fun!