ARAPAHA  – The perfect investment opportunity. 

Arapaha represent the perfect investment opportunity for both seasoned entrepreneurs and first-time investors alike. The market for bio-based and recyclable durable goods is rising fast and Arapaha is establishing a lifestyle brand at the apex of all key developments in this sector. The European Green New Deal and the Dutch policy on development of a circular economy underlines the potential of the Arapaha concept. The rapid growth of biopolymers in the international market is also a key element to understand the potential of this upcoming industry. Arapaha holds key patents on several application technologies of biopolymers and develops a strong brand concept of durable goods for interior and outdoor applications. All the stuff you love in and around your house, but then without negative impact on the environment.

ARAPAHA has set up an independently governed Trust Fund (Stichting Administratiekantoor Aandelen Arapaha), to manage the sales of certificates in ARAPAHA.

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In compliance with the Dutch Wet op het Financieel toezicht (Wft) and the Vrijstellingsregeling Wft the offering of certificates in Arapaha BV is exempted from the need to have a prospectus approved by the Dutch Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM). Please take notice that such investment is therefore outside the scope of the AFM. Investing in Arapaha Certificates involves risks. Your investment may become worth more, but there is also a chance that this will not be the case and you will lose your investment partly or even completely. Before investing your money, determine which uncertainties are associated with the investment and whether these are acceptable to you. The Stichting Administratiekantoor Aandelen Arapaha is registered at the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets under number 50026721 and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce number 81540140.  

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