Lena Winterink, based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), is a designer of textiles who focusses on concept-development regarding sustainability, innovative materials and social cohesion. She aims at telling stories through research and the usage of textiles and photography. Together we have worked on the project BB100, where Lena developed a physical presentation on all the materials made with PLA.


Lena graduated in 2019 from the design academy in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). After she finished her Bachelor in Material and Concept Development (Public Private), she immediately started her own studio and collaborated with a variety of partners.


Lena’s goal is to add value to the materials we use, she wants to do this by inspiring people in a positive way to think about textiles from a conceptual and cultural perspective. To challenge the status quo by innovating in the field of sustainable development for textiles while still incorporating recognizable elements in her design. In this way Lena entices people’s curiosity while providing a framework for new ideas to grow, inspired by how textiles can relate to social topics.


By creating innovative designs for innovative materials. Lena is always looking for the best materials to work with, she likewise questions the intent and result behind every design she makes. By asking questions such as “is this design needed?” and “is this the best purpose for this material?”, Lena challenges herself to make the most sustainable choices possible.


Lena hopes that through her work, she can inspire people to look differently at the way they choose, use and treat materials. She hopes that people will become aware where the materials they use every day come from, that the yarns in their garments originate from different places in the world. She wants to play with the concept of what is normal and to break that pattern.

Behind Lena's work

Made In

Made In uncovers between local materials and global production systems.

Personal Patterns

This image features one of the patterns from the collection ‘Personal Patterns’ where personal stories and qualities of 6 artisans are brought together in textile pattern and garment.

Stof Voor Gesprek

Stof Voor Gesprek, or, the fabric of a conversation, gives board members and local residents the opportunity to delve deeper and give their opinion about the Leefbarometer, a government system that assesses neighborhoods and cities on the basis of a hundred factors.

Are you interested in Lena’s work and do you want to see more? You can check out her website here. For contacting her directly, you can send an email to: info@lenawinterink.com. You can find more information on the project BB100, in which Lena was involved, here.