Loet van de Kimmenade, based in Reuver and Hoogezand (The Netherlands), is CEO of Jalema. Jalema, a stand-alone subsidiary of T3L Group, is a full-service production partner, specialized in injection molded products and products made from plastic and cardboard sheets. Jalema develops products together with its customers from various markets, with a focus on the use of sustainable raw materials. Besides, Jalema sells a range of office and archiving products; the legacy of Jalema.


Loet studied business and economics at Maastricht University, and has since had commercial, operational and managing functions. In his professional career, Loet often functions as the catalyst for change. He provides structure to businesses with the ambition to grow and professionalize and helps them to get to a next chapter. Loet is experienced in the field of transformation, with a long-term focus. Now, Loet has worked at Jalema for the last 3 years and helps Jalema with its transformation into a new business model.


In a changing world, part of Loet’s mission for Jalema is to make sustainability an integral element of Jalema’s business plan. One of Jalema’s goals is to become the expert in sustainable resources as an alternative for conventional plastics and cardboard. They want to become a sustainable production partner that helps realize sustainable ideas by assisting in development, production, assembling, packaging, warehousing and logistics.


By working together with other innovative companies, among which start-ups, as according to Loet, they’re often the most innovative. By embracing the idea of co-development and applying the knowledge that Jalema has gathered over the years to new and innovative ideas.


Loet hopes for Jalema to grow further as an innovative, diversified production partner, mainly in the area of injection molding. To work together with a broad spectrum of industries, Jalema will no longer be dependent on the market of office products but instead work in the field of sustainable resources as a full-service production partner.

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