Olivia Bertus, based in Maastricht (the Netherlands), is a designer of prints for textiles and is creative in a multitude of fields. Ranging from bags to wallpapers, cushions and accessories. Olivia applies her love for prints and color to a diverse and colorful collection. Together we work on the prints for the liner of our bags.


Olivia’s love for prints started early, with 2 artists for parents, drawing and creating became second nature very quickly. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, motivated by her upbringing and the Vrije School she went to, Olivia continued her love for color and art. After that, Olivia went to the kunstacademie in Maastricht and graduated in 2001 in applied textile design.


Olivia’s goal is to bring color to people’s lives in the most sustainable way possible. Olivia wants to make people happy with her colorful products and wants to add a pop of color on the street through her products. On a personal level, Olivia aspires to grab every chance that comes her way, in order to challenge herself to get out of her comfort zone and create inspiring and beautiful products.


By making her work most of all on demand. For customers and for resellers. By designing her products with almost no waste. By offering a repair service for her products. Replacing a broken zipper in a bag or creating a new upholstery for a worn-out ottoman.


Olivia hopes to minimize her footprint while still making beautiful designs that make people happy. She also hopes that when she makes something on-demand for someone, that they will have a closer personal relationship with the item and thus also treat it in a more sustainable way.

Olivia's work

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