What we believe in

We are people brought together by our passion for sustainable design and the circular use of materials. Our values reflect that we believe a lifestyle in balance with our planet is possible, that's why we are driven to use our knowledge to make this change happen.

We aim to build the best products for the planet

For us best means best for you and best for the planet. It means we choose bio-based materials to start with the lowest carbon footprint possible. We use the most energy friendly manufacturing processes and avoid the use of toxic components. We guarantee to take everything back once you are done using it and make sure all the materials are used again and again.

We collaborate based on optimism

We can’t change today’s system alone and overnight. Doom thinking will not get us there, we need to act based on the optimism that we can solve this together. We work with universities, industries and governments to make this change happen. And if you use our products, you make this change happen too.

We base our decisions on science

We believe in making science-based decisions, being radically transparent and sharing our knowledge to create positive impact. We continuously look for opportunities to improve the status quo.