We are not afraid of molecules!

At Arapaha we are optimists. We believe that as humanity we can make the switch from our current take make waste way of living to living in balance with what the earth can provide. This will not be an easy change, we will need to let go of habits that we have liked for generations, but it’s possible.

It will not happen though by simply being an optimist. It requires deep understanding of nature and the science behind the transition that we need.

At Arapaha therefore we know that to establish a lifestyle brand for balanced living we need to embrace science just as much as we do design and aesthetics. This is also why we work with so many universities and technology institutes across Europe to tap into the latest and the brightest students and projects.

We are inspired by the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTI), who state that “Science-based target setting also makes business sense – it future-proofs growth, saves money, provides resilience against regulation, boosts investor confidence, spurs innovation and competitiveness – while also demonstrating concrete sustainability commitments to increasingly-conscious consumers.” [reference]

The advantage for Arapaha as a start-up is that we can design all our products from scratch. We hand pick all materials so that they have the lowest carbon footprint to start with. We choose to keep the designs simple and modular so that we can disassemble them for reuse or recycling. And we use the most modern manufacturing techniques to reduce waste, to reduce the use of toxic chemicals, to reduce energy consumption and the use of water.

You can find a lot more information on setting science-based targets for your company’s climate goals at the website of the Science Based Targets Initiative [reference]. They support companies to reduce GHG emissions in line with climate science is good for the planet and for organizations.

Join us in our journey to living in balance with what our planet can provide!