Laura Knipsael, based in Maastricht (the Netherlands), creates images for brands that don’t just want to be seen, but want to be remembered. She works for fashion brands and stores, magazines, content agencies, advertising companies, and more. But in all her collaborations, sustainability is paramount. Because we have a responsibility to create more than just a pretty picture. Together we work on creating a visual identity for Arapaha.


Laura graduated from LUCA school of arts in Brussels (Belgium) in 2018. During her studies she discovered a passion for sustainability. Excited about walking and camping, she was devastated to see the amount of pollution in nature. Inspired by this, she decided to center her graduation project around climate change and the environment. Laura’s passion for photography and nature melt together in her work.


Laura’s goal is to inspire others to live a more sustainable lifestyle. To get the conversation going on topics such as climate change, pollution and sustainability, aiming to educate and inform people through her creative work.


Thinking about the small things during the preproduction process and when on set. Is the food sustainable and biological? Can we use vintage clothing for styling instead of clothing sourced from fast fashion brands? Can we source partners and talent locally? Can they travel by train instead of car? Questions like these make a difference according to Laura. These small steps can enable substantial change.


Laura hopes for a future where we can live in balance with nature. With no pollution. Where we can grow and thrive without harming one another or our surroundings.

Behind Laura's work

Golden memories

These pictures were shot in the garden of an old farmhouse, on one of the last warm days of summer. Luscious fruits and vegetables from the organic homegarden lie like colorful gemstones side by side with the golden jewelry collection of Iris Desiree Claessens. The images immortalize the last rays of summer sun, in the same way her jewelry pieces aim to capture personal memories in gold. Looking at the serene aftermath of a dinner. Feeling the emptiness left behind, you will go back in time to the moment of being together with your beloved ones.


Are you aware?

Are you aware? Is a fashion series about environmental pollution and climate change. Pollution remains one of the most underestimated world problems. Three factors determine the extent and nature of the pollution problem, whether at local or global level, namely: the size of the human population, the speed of production and consumption and the level and use of technology. While the overall stress caused by these factors increases, the ability of the environment to cope with these side effects, decreases. Laura tackles seven different issues within her graduation project: acid rain, chemical pollution, electronic waste, oil pollution, plastic pollution, smog pollution and soil pollution. Each theme has its own concept. A surrealistic approach that threatens to become reality. With this project, Laura not only aims to inspire the viewer, but also tries to create a place to talk about these issues. Something has to change and it is time to do it now.

Want to learn more about Laura? You can read more about her here.