Transparency through data sharing

One of the vital elements in making the transition to fully cycle all our materials is transparency. To develop a digital platform to enable circularity we’ve partnered up with Empower. One of the key elements is a product passport. In it you can find data on the product you have bought. It showcases the bill of materials, where the materials come from in the world, who has processed the materials and a carbon footprint calculation.

You will also find a care guide that details how you can take care of your product so it will last for as long as possible (because that’s sustainable!). Then, once you’ve loved your product until the end of its first lifecycle, you can find the instructions on how to return it in the product passport. In principle it contains all the information you would like or need to know about your product.

We want to create transparency, credibility and trust. To educate and inform people on the impact of their consumption, and how they can close the loop on our products. Because while our customers put a lot of trust in us, we put a lot of trust in them as well. We rely on you to make our system work, to close the loop and to really make sure materials are reused.

Below you can click on the first product passport we’ve created with Empower. Shown here is the rug we’ve created in collaboration with Donkersloot. Our goal is that every product we put on the market will have a product passport as such, in order to motivate our customers to consume ethically and responsibly.