PLA-based bathmat

Project objective: To further develop the possibility of circular products and business concepts based on PLA fiber material/textiles in sustainable consumer goods. To assess whether the PLA tapes, yarns and BCF fibers offer sufficient starting points to use PLA textiles for circular product concepts. This includes bath mats, but later also in carpets, carpet, carrier bags, bags for sports equipment, etc.

Project Timeline: 1 January 2020 – 30 October 2020

Project Summary     

Arapaha will formulate the schedule of requirements. For the test materials we work together with PLA producers. We will use the test material to produce and test semi-finished products at various processors. Among others at primary backing producers, at tufters and at a textile laminating company. The quantities will be adapted to the final roll of tufted material and the available packaging quantities and qualities. Arapaha will coordinate the project and discuss the results with relevant technical yarn institutes, such as Centexbel (Ghent University, Belgium), ITA (Aachen, Germany), and/or the Textil Forschungs Institut (Aachen, Germany). The recycling will be discussed with institutes such as Wageningen University, NHL Stenden in Emmen and/or the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. We will carry out laboratory tests or have them carried out to test the two recycling technologies described. Furthermore, we will conduct literature research on material and recycling and makes an initial economic feasibility analysis of the process.


Kiduara will provide a roll of tufted test material, with at least enough material to make 10 prototype tufted bath mats, 1 meter wide by 60 cm long, and record the results in a report, which can be discussed further with third parties.

If the report gives cause for this, Ekkehart will include the results in product development to further develop circular sustainable products and business concepts. If sufficient time and budget are still available, an initial exploration of the patentability of the results will also be carried out.


We are very grateful for the support we have received from Cleantech Flanders under the Interreg Vlaanderen – Nederland program.