Focus on what matters

The way we consume – in a linear economy – has caused us to treat products like they’re disposable. Fast fashion and large-scale production of items have caused us to lose the personal relationship we can have with the items in our house. At Arapaha we want to change this. We design our products so they are an expression of the balance between design, beauty, values, circularity and care for our planet. Through the focus on the true values of life, a choice for the simple things, you can experience joy while entering a circular way of living.

We want to create beautiful products for in and around your house that exist in balance with our planet. In this way you can enjoy well-made and durable products without depleting the earth’s resources. We invite you to adopt a circular lifestyle, and, we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Through the way we design our products, we try to make consumption in a circular economy easy and intuitive. Through our design-processes, material choices, manufacturing processes and information sharing we inspire you to connect with our products.

We would like to see that you treat Arapaha products the same way you would treat a delicious meal. You know which country the ingredients come from and you know when they were harvested. We want to make this the standard for our products as well, through the use of a digital product passport. Through providing information and transparency on the origin of materials and manufacturing, you get an insight on the origin of the product. This will hopefully cause you to connect with Arapaha products on a deeper level.

Your choice to consume in a closed loop matters!